The most common colour scheme of the Havok.

This page is for a quick overview of the blaster. For the kits, please go to their respective pages.

The Havok is a two-handed, assault rifle based blaster from the Tek Recon series and boasts the highest magazine capacity so far, a whopping 72 rounds in it's jungle style magazine.


The Havok assault rifle is a very adaptable blaster, able to function as a compact rifle, full length carbine or a stockless pistol. The massive magazine size of 72 rounds also gives it the ability to outlast and outshoot Hammerhead users' smaller 25 round magazines.


The Havok boasts a stock and a tactical rail that has been rumored to be for upcoming attachments on the top of the blaster, in front of the device cradle, and also doubles up as a somewhat secure carrying handle.

The Havok also has an adjustable stock which can be detached, allowing it to be dismantled and reassembled for any situation. The large 72 round integrated jungle-style magazine holds 36 rounds in each side of the magazine, allowing for a cool reload but signifying that one is halfway empty.

The Havok, like its pistol counterpart, has a small selector that allows the weapon to be switched between Distance and Rapid settings, making the weapon easier to use from range or up close respectively.

Like the Hammerhead, the Havok also has a pump that doubles as a trigger for use with the Distance setting when the trigger is too difficult to pull due to the torque.

Also like the Hammerhead, there is a space for the mobile device cradle which allows the Tek Recon app to be used alongside the blaster.


The Havok has a formiddable range of 65-70 feet when parallel to the ground and at Rapid setting, a maximum of roughly 80-90 feet when parallel to the ground at Distance setting. The maximum possible range for the weapon is an astounding 110 feet when pointed 45 degrees into the air and fired at Distance setting, allowing the shooter to easily outrange and take potshots at unaware Hammerhead users.